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Our Services

Swans Landscaping offers a wide array of exterior services to suit all of our clients desires.  Our services include Landscaping, Lawn Care, Stonework, Fencing, Irrigation, Tree Trimming, Landscape Lighting, and Outdoor Pavilions.  If you can imagine it, likely we've done it and will help you plan and finish your project on time and within budget.

Landscaping & Lawncare

Swans Landscaping has been serving North Dallas for over 7 years.  We provide the highest level of quality matched with our top-notch customer service.  At Swans we value the relationship we have with each and every one of our long standing clients,  and we have built our business strictly by referrals.  We love what we do and take great pride in completing our projects to our client's needs.  We offer a wide range of lawncare services including on demand.  At Swans we listen to your needs and provide a detailed consultation for even your most ambitious landscaping dreams.

Basic Lawncare:

Monthly Lawn Maintenance

Includes weekly service 40 weeks, bi-weekly service 12 weeks.

Mow, line trim, Blow turf areas

Fertilization 4 times a year-to promote green turf and a strong root system

Pre-Emergent/Herbicide-2 times a year- to control weeds

Bush Trimming

Leaf Clean Up

Weekly Maintenance

Includes weekly service 40 weeks, bi-weekly service 12 weeks

Mow, Line Trim, Blow turf areas


Includes bi-weekly service-20 weeks a year, and Monthly service-3 months a year. 

Mow, Line Trim, Blow turf areas

On Demand

As Needed

Mow, Line Trim, Blow turf areas

Stone, Deck & Paving

Swans Landscaping provides gorgeous stone and deck solutions to make your exterior oasis as welcoming as you deserve.  We will meet with you to discuss your project plans and develop a solution that fits your needs and is within your budget.  We offer a wide range of stone and deck solutions ranging from flagstone, stone paving, stamped concrete, mailbox construction, and even marble solutions. Our expansive knowledge and knack for design has generated an obvious demand for our exterior stone and deck services.

Stonework & Concrete:

Walkways and Driveways

Outdoor kitchens

Retaining Walls

Outdoor fireplaces


Bed Borders


Stamped Concrete

Fences & Arbors

When is comes to installing outdoor pavilions,  Swans Landscaping takes great pride in designing and building the pavilion you've always dreamed of.  Our process is thorough and timely from start to completion with each and every one of our outdoor pavilion projects.  We deliver top notch construction and guarantee the quality of our work. 

Fences and Arbors Services:

New fence Installation

Electric gates

Fence repairs

Fence staining

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a necessary thing.  From the very core of our business we've been providing tree trimming services for years and understand the desire for properly trimmed trees.  We offer basic tree trimming services as well as tree removal.  There a reason our clients have us back every time for their tree trimming.  We utilize the proper equipment and ensure that safety is paramount for this process.


Tree Trimming Services:


Any Size Tree Trimming

Tree removal

Stump Grinding

Haul off debris if needed

"Swan Landscaping is a great company. They do great work and are fairly priced. My father's house needed a ton of work done (bushes and trees trimmed and/or removed). Chris, the owner walked the work, gave us a quote and was honest with us with the work that should be done. They did a major overhaul, they were professional, efficient and I would highly recommend them. I plan on using them now for the upkeep on my yard now too." - Petra Bradshaw

Irrigation Installation & Repair

Landscape Lighting

Swans Landscaping provides professional irrigation service.


Irrigation Services:

Licensed Irrigators

Irrigation Installation and Modification

Repair to existing irrigation system

Irrigation Audit 

Landscape lighting enhances the beauty and safety of your home.  Trees and flowerbeds are beautified in the evenings with landscape lighting.


Landscape Lighting Services:



"Swans Landscaping delivers professional service and quality work for a reasonable rate " - Rob Williamson

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